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Beauty & SPA

  • Sawadhee Signature Massage (90 Min.)

    Sawadhee Signature Massage (90 Min.)

    Muscle Relaxation - Warm Herbal Massage - Mentally Soothing This Traditional Thai style signature massage relaxes the body, soothes the skin and improves the body's circulatory system. It combines an invigorating massage using hands and the application of herbal balm and aromatic oils together with

    Rs. 3900.00
  • Sawadhee Hot Stone Massage (90 Min.)

    Sawadhee Hot Stone Massage (90 Min.)

    Heated Stone Massage - Muscle Relaxation - Deep Heat Therapy A unique therapy aimed to balance and enhance the energy centers of the body called chakras by using volcanic stones. The stones are warmed and applied on the skin using special strokes which soothe sore muscles and balance the energy flo

    Rs. 4100.00
  • Aromatique Body Bliss Massage (60 Min. /90 Min.)

    Aromatique Body Bliss Massage (90 Min.)

    Customized Aromatic Massage - Mind Balancing - Body Relaxation This gentle massage treatment uses the properties of natural aromatic oils carefully blended to harmonize and balance the four elements in the body and bring it back into a state of equilibrium.

    Rs. 3700.00
  • Deep Tissue Massage (90 Min.)

    Deep Tissue Massage (90 Min.)

    Deep Muscle Relaxation - Increase Mobility - Relieves Muscle Cramping This massage therapy focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is helpful for chronic tensions in areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness and sore shoulders. The strokes are used as classic massage thera

    Rs. 3800.00
  • Sports Massage (90Min.)

    Sports Massage (90Min.)

    Oil massage with body stretching - Encourages relaxation This therapy is geared towards Sports persons of every kind, from world class professionals to regular gym users to weekend joggers. It focuses on areas of the body which are over used and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movemen

    Rs. 3800.00
  • Head Massage with Sesame Herbal Compress (45 Min.)

    Head Massage with Sesame Herbal Compress (45 Min.)

    Reduces Scalp Tension This Ayurvedic massage treatment focuses on the cranial area, to stimulate the nerves and improve energy and blood circulation in the head and shoulders. Using extra virgin coconut oil as a lubricant and rolling and pressing of warm sesame herbal compress on particular points,

    Rs. 1700.00
  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (45 Min.)

    Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (45 Min.)

    Reduces Back & Shoulder Tension A soothing massage specially designed to alleviate backaches and shoulder pains. This invigorating massage treatment helps to reduce fatigue and maintain the elasticity of muscle fibers. This therapy stimulates blood flow bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to th

    Rs. 1700.00
  • Gold Facial (60 Min.)

    Gold Facial (60 Min.)

    Gold Facial (60 Min.) Cell renewal-Rejuvenates-Reduction of wrinkles & fine lines -Anti aging - Brightens The gold skin radiance facial is a sensational innovation in achieving skin beauty and radiance. This treatment encourages lymphatic drainage and removal of toxins and wastes. It improves

    Rs. 3500.00